Do You Wanna Run a 5K?

So I told you in the last post I’ve been paired up with a student of personal training here at my job. We’ve met now 3 times, twice doing workouts and she wanted me to sign up for do a 5K. I did tell her it was a goal of mine, but for this fall. She said that wasn’t good enough, she wanted one done in May. 5 weeks away.

I registered and paid for it today and ordered the t-shirt to remember my shame. Can’t back out now. I posted about it on Facebook looking for support and “you totally got this!” messages and wound up with a running buddy. A friend of mine of a few years is going to come up and do the trail run with me in support. And then SHE posted about it on HER Facebook and is gathering even MORE people for my support group.

Oh yeah, did I mention, I didn’t just sign up for a road race 5K, I signed up for a TRAIL RUN through the Morgan Monroe State Forest.

Because go big or go home for your first time out right? I can already feel my shin splits screaming at me after the first half mile.

What does this mean? Cram in the 9 week Couch to 5K training in 5 weeks? Hell to the no. I’ve already made it clear that I will not be able to run the whole thing. I will use my intervals to run/walk the thing and finish as best as I can.

But I’m 100% killing two birds with one stone and will be participating in the Save the Manatees 5K virtually! This is where you sign up on line then run the race in your own hometown and at your own time. So I’ll be running the 5K trail run and count that for the virtual run as well. Cheating? Maybe but both organizations are getting their money and that’s all that matters.

Plus Save the Manatees has a finisher medal that comes with the package, even for us virtual runners.

I’m gonna get me a medal.

And then…. 10K in the fall? Is my broken down body even capable of that non-sense?

First let’s survive through May 20th.


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