It’s been a long time/now I’m/coming back home

So it’s been a while 2 months since the last post. The election happened, NaNoWriMo came and went and the Holidays are over. We’ve survived this far into 2017 and 2016 went out with a bang.

Work is still going well. We had the last week off, which was nice. I’m making connections and new friends throughout the building and getting nice compliments in return. Finals week was NUTS but I survived. Anytime a student can walk in to the testing room feeling confident and walk out with a smile from me making it easier for them I consider that a good day. One guy today told us he loved us.

Pets: well that’s a different story. On January 1st we finally put our old lab mix Rose to sleep. She was between 15-18 years old and had finally stopped eating. She was blind and in pain and it was the right thing to do. Loki girl is recovering from pneumonia, no idea how she caught that. She gets 2 antibiotic a day and has perked up quite a bit. She’s back to giving side eye and meowing and getting into things. So it was a really rough way to end 2016 but it needed to be done.

Quilting: I’m going to try, in 2017, to not start any new projects until I get an old project completed (quilted and bound and off to it’s new home if it has one). I have about 17 old projects in various stages of completion. Some are fabric with patterns that need cutting, some are cut and ready for piecing, some are in various stages of piecing and then there are some waiting for backing and finishing. Either way, I need to finish these before I get distracted and start other things. They’re projects that I love and want to finish I just find something new to start and it gets pushed aside. I’m excited to finish some things and get them into their new homes in 2017. Spreading the quilt love.

I’ve also taken on the role of Publicity Chair for the Bloomington Quilt Guild’s 2017 quilt show. The show is in mid-November and I’m responsible for getting people interested and in the door those 2 days. I have some fun ideas about using video and YouTube and other social media that has developed in the last 3 years since the last quilt show. Plus I know how to use Twitter, Facebook and things to drive publicity where some other chairs in the past might not have. It’s a big undertaking, I don’t know if I have a committee yet, but I wan’ted to get more involved with things and this is the first step. We have a meeting this coming Saturday to go over the plan for the Spring. Writing press releases and setting up interviews and things with local media is my gig this spring. I’m both excited and nervous as there is a lot riding on the right publicity at the right time.

Personal: I’m still fat and tired but I’m really going to do something about that in 2017. Someone has caught my eye and I’m ready to move on from the unknown status of the past and see where life takes me. I’m not getting any younger, even though everyone thinks I’m still in my 20’s apparently, not 32. Just someone to hang with, do geeky stuff with and tell me I’m pretty.

I gave in a few weeks ago and really sat down to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack. I had tried this summer and realized that I needed a block of time to sit and really listen to it, not just have it on as background noise while I went about my life. And I’m in love. It hasn’t really changed my non-existent opinion on Hamilton himself but I have mad respect for Lin-Manuel Miranda for making the world give a shit about Broadway and the Founding Fathers again.

Blog Future: I hope to start making regular posts on Sundays, updating my quilting progress, any success or failures I’ve had during the week and picking one topic of the week to talk about. A way to get to know me even better than on regular social media. It can be a news story, updating or education on a cause that is important to me or just a general rant about life and how absurd human beings are. I’ll be sure to throw in any movie, TV or book reviews as I come across the media as well.

Here’s to a great 2017!


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