NaNoWriMo has begun

Hey guys. Well we are 3 days into National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo). Reader friends who are participating, how are we feeling? This is by far my most successful attempt. I’m just short of 6,000 and a tiny bit ahead of schedule right now. I’ve actually found time to do a lot of my writing at work. It’s quiet now and I’m getting what I need to get done, done. I had blocked off an hour and a half every night after work to sit at my desk and write my 1,667 words out but this is just kind of working.

I was going to hand write EVERYTHING out in composition notebooks. That lasted he first 500 words. My poor wrist couldn’t handle it and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to 1) keep up with my word count 2) transcribe what I’d written once I was ready to type it all out. To verify your word count at the end of the month, and therefore be an official winner of NaNoWriMo if you reach your 50,000 words, you have to upload a digital file that counts the words for you. I’ll still carry my notebooks to write in’s on Saturdays with my local Bloomington NaNo group but almost everything else is typed.

I’m using Google Doc as a word processor. I don’t need anything fancy at all, just a place to type and save. The cool thing about GD is that I can access anywhere there is an open internet connection. At work, home, on the go via my phone. That’s how I can take the notebooks to the write in’s and be able to stay on plot. I can read what I’ve gotten so far off my phone and go from there. Type it up when I get home into the Google Doc and move on. The GD also has a word count feature like Microsoft Word or other processors. It saves it automatically for me, I can just close the browser and off I go. It’s made this whole attempt so much easier than in the past.

I found out there is even a voice to text feature with GD so I could dictate via my phone if I was driving or at the gym etc etc. Somewhere I couldn’t write in a more traditional way. How cool is that?!

Still figuring out my other characters. I have my main character down pretty well, which wasn’t that hard once I started writing her. She has 3 friends, 2 female and 1 male, that I have a general idea about but I’m still figuring out how they are going to fit together within the story as well as stand out in their own right. And I’m not even close to dealing with the rebels leader and her second in command (second in command might have come to me the other day while typing out what I thought was going to be a throw away bit of info and it clicked to me… we’ll see if I can get the dots to connect). They’re second and third act. I’ve barely started the 3rd act. Before I stopped to write this my 4 teenage characters were just sitting down to open their Notes together, which is the flash bang to start the running plot.

My main fear right now is I’m going to get on a tear and start getting closer to the end of the plot in the middle of the month and I’m going to be no where NEAR 50,000 words. At first you’re like, oh yeah that’s not much at all I can TOTALLY do that. Then you sit down to actually work, you type out this giant paragraph and it’s less than 100 words. And you have to do that HOW many more times in 30 days?! Right now, I’m on track with word count. It’s not hard to fill the count but it’s not as easy as it sounds at first. You become OBSESSED with the word count function on your processor, checking it every few minutes, even if you haven’t typed a thing. Something MIGHT have changed. It’s ridiculous.

Word count of this post so far: 703 up to the word ridiculous. Less than half of what I need to create daily. For 30 days.

Sometimes you got it sometimes you don’t.


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