Lots to catch up on since last time:

Quilt Retreat: Had a lovely time with my quilting friends at Spring Mill State Park October 9-11. Ate lots, took a long hike around the lake in beautiful fall weather. And of course got lots of sewing done. While there I was also able to listen to a full audio book, You Will Know Me by Megan Abbott. If you’d like to read my review it will be up soon on my Goodreads page. Plot Summary from Goodreads for those that might be interested “Katie and Eric Knox have dedicated their lives to their fifteen-year-old daughter Devon, a gymnastics prodigy and Olympic hopeful. But when a violent death rocks their close-knit gymnastics community just weeks before an all-important competition, everything the Knoxes have worked so hard for feels suddenly at risk. As rumors swirl among the other parents, revealing hidden plots and allegiances, Katie tries frantically to hold her family together while also finding herself drawn, irresistibly, to the crime itself, and the dark corners it threatens to illuminate. From a writer with “exceptional gifts for making nerves jangle and skin crawl,” (Janet Maslin) You Will Know Me is a breathless roller coaster of a novel about the desperate limits of desire, jealousy, and ambition.

I gave it a 3 star review on Goodreads and like I said will elaborate there shortly.

I’m not going to post any photos of what I worked on at quilt retreat because they are all gifts and I’d like to keep the gifts a secret before I give them out as much as I can. I will hopefully remember to take final photos and post those once they get to their new homes.

Job: Still going well. I made it through midterms week with nary a scratch on me. It’s quieted down again until finals week but there is still plenty to do.

NaNoWriMo: I’m still struggling with a complete plot idea for this novel attempt. Anytime I sit down to think about it my mind goes fuzzy with static. So while I’ll have the characters, villain, setting and scenes hopefully planned that’s it. So I’ll be a combo of planning and writing by the seat of my pants aka “pants-ing it”. The local Bloomington NaNo group is getting together twice a week for write ins. The ones on Wednesday nights probably won’t work for my schedule but I hope to make the ones on Sundays at the library. And they’re having a kick off event as well at a local restaurant that I hope to get to. I’m really going to give it a try, my binder is made for my pre-writing even. Still don’t know if I’m going to hand write (best for portability) or type it up somewhere and share it between my work, home and other computers at libraries etc with Google Docs. My sister has my poor, beaten up laptop for her “school work” and I can’t take it away from her for the month, even though it’s mine.

And I guess that’s about it, really. The title of this post of the title of my NaNoWriMo novel this year. Seems tacky and cliche but I don’t care. It might change but I wanted something before I started to give it an anchor.


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